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So here it is Merry Christmas

Perl Advent 2014 - 2014-12-25

Another year of Perl Advent had drawn to a close, and what a year it's been. I hope you've enjoyed reading all the articles as much as I have.

Everybody's having fun

Of course, just because Advent is over for another year, doesn't mean the gift of Perl modules has to end. As I write this there are one hundred and forty one thousand seven hundred and forty nine modules on the CPAN and each year we only get to publish twenty four advent articles. So where can you read about the rest of these modules and other exciting things happening in Perl?

  • You can search for Perl modules at metacpan where you can also see a list of recently published modules
  • CPAN Ratings offers a ratings and reviews of Perl modules. It's like a democatic advent calendar each day of the year!
  • The Perl Weekly provides one small succinct email a week with a summary of the interesting things happing in Perl that week, including new modules, interesting articles and upcoming events.
  • hosts a vast number of Perl blogs if you're looking for more articles to read throughout the year. The Perl Ironman Challenge links to a lot more blogs as part of the updating your Perl blog weekly challenge
  • You're reading the original programming article for advent advent calendar, but if you like the format there's a whole collection of them available dedicated to other aspects of Perl (e.g. Catalyst, Dancer, Perl 6,, MSTPAN, and perlancer.) Other languages have also adopted the format and Advent Planet has a meta calendar that links to each entry for that day for over twenty calendars
  • Of course, if you want more Perl Advent articles, there's always the previous fourteen years of advent calendar to go through. Happy reading!

The Perl Advent Calendar wouldn't be possible without the hard work of all the article authors. This year we owe thanks to Alex Balhatchet, Augustina Ragwitz, Dave Cross, Graham Ollis, John SJ Anderson, Legolas Greenleaf, Marcus Ramberg, Mark Allen, Mark Fowler, Neil Bowers, Nova Patch, Olaf Alders, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans and Ricardo Signes. These people not only devoted untold time writing and formatting their articles, but put up with me repeatedly hassling them with my self imposed deadlines and bugging them with copy corrections. Thank you for putting up with me.

Thanks also to everyone who submitted corrections, helped organize, setup hosting, debugged software issues, and otherwise did the unglamorous things that made the advent calendar happen.

Look to the future now

As a Perl programmer reading the calendar chances are you have an article in you for publishing next year even if you don't know what it is yet. I encourage you to subscribe to the mailing list where we organize all of this and simply drop us an email saying you'd be interested in writing (you'll get a follow up email from me in about eight months when we start working out scheduling for 2015.)

It's only just begun

Perl does a lot for you. It keeps you entertained, it makes your life easier, and chances are it keeps you employed. In this season of giving you might consider making a small donation to The Perl Foundation who do important work, including sponsoring developers to work full time on improving the core of Perl.

It's Christmas!

Merry Christmas, one and all.

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