Get Fuzzy Darby Conley author 2007-01-04 00:38:45 "A wry portrait of single life, with pets," 2003-12-13 Bucky screams a song Bucky Katt Ho Ho Ho. Jingle Presents! Beat the Pheasants! Reindeer tastes like Spam! Kick the elf, engorge yourself, and ambush Santa's van HEY! Bucky contemplates Rob Wilco It needs some works. How about adding a few dance moves like Madonna? Satchel Pooch Dance moves like the Ma WHO now> Satchel looks up at Rob Rob Wilco Madonna. Satchel Pooch Jesus' mother danced good? Bucky sings and dances with his hand near his crotch, Satchel is turned away to speak to Rob who is off panel Rob Wilco Never mind. The carol is fine, Bucky. Satchel Pooch Wait, who's Carol? I'm so confused. Bucky Katt Ho Ho Ho. Jingle Bells!